Machine Learning Impact in 2022

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We are about to wrap up 2022, a year that brought plenty of Machine Learning projects, events, education opportunities, and many groundbreaking Machine Learning applications developed by ML practitioners around the world. The challenges and business needs of our customers continue to fuel our passion to bring to life the robust and innovative Machine Learning solutions they deserve. In this blog post, we put together the highlights of 2022 covering Machine Learning’s lasting impact on a vast number of industries and businesses, BigML’s new additions and enhancements to our pioneering Machine Learning software platform, our live and virtual events, education initiative updates, and much more!

None of the numbers listed above and the activities described on this blog post would be possible without our customers, partners, followers, and certified practitioners. That’s why this blog post is dedicated to all of you. The BigML Team wants to thank you for helping us in our noteworthy journey in making Machine Learning beautifully simple for everyone!

Major Product Releases: Object Detection and BigML Ops

BigML released Object Detection on June 28 this year as a continuation on the same path as the previous Image Processing release. With Object Detection you can easily label image data, locate objects and annotate regions in it, or even import predefined regions in other popular formats (pascal-voc, YOLO, among others) and edit them with a handy web interface. Once your image regions are defined, you can train and evaluate Object Detection models, make predictions, and automate end-to-end Machine Learning workflows on a single platform

Object Detection can be used across the board, in all sorts of industries. To name a few examples, in security it can be used for people detection and counting; in transportation, for detection of vehicles, license plates, traffic signs, traffic lights, crosswalks, and roadblocks; in healthcare, Object Detection helps easily find tumors and other abnormalities in radiological images; in retail, it is used for merchandise detection and counting; in manufacturing, it can be leveraged to detect and count defective outputs; in agriculture, Object Detection can be used to find weeds, pests, and unhealthy plants. These are just some examples of industries where Object Detection has a direct impact on changing the way businesses are run by letting experts automate repetitive tasks and processes. You can find out more details about this major release and what’s in it for your business by watching the release video here and by reading the following blog post series for a gentle introduction to Object Detection:

  1. Bringing Object Detection to the Masses: Easily Locating Items with a Few Clicks! 
  2. Democratizing Object Detection 
  3. No-Code Object Detection: Easily Tackling Image Data-Driven Use Cases 
  4. Easily Identifying Plant Diseases with Object Detection 
  5. Programmable Object Detection, Fast and Easy 
  6. Fully Automating Server-side Object Detection Workflows 
  7. Object Detection: Some Gory Details 

After the summer, on September 20, BigML made public how to make Machine Learning operations easy. With BigML Ops, businesses can build, deploy, and operate the most advanced Machine Learning workflows at scale, not only single models. BigML Ops lets you automate the entire Machine Learning life-cycle, giving you all the traceability, reproducibility, and scalability required by the most stringent enterprises. BigML Ops is a tool that also allows you to automatically monitor the health and performance of your applications, and its containerized design is operable in isolation in any cloud.

In addition to our two major product releases this year, we have had 92 production deployments that have enhanced our platform as it is in continuous development to expand our offerings.

ML Schools, Events, and Webinars

After two years of many quarantines and lockdowns, we were thrilled to start attending live events again, and most importantly for the BigML Team, to organize a new ML School as we love meeting our customers and practitioners in person during our ML Schools! 

On July 4-6, 2022, we traveled to The Netherlands to host the second edition of our ML School in The Netherlands, co-organized by Grio and BigML. We had a complete curriculum designed for all types of professionals. On the first day, we delivered the Machine Learning for Executives crash course, a C-level course ideal for business leaders and senior executives in all industries that want to understand how Machine Learning can be adopted in any organization, focusing on the strategy to follow as well as the key points that managers should know when making decisions. Among the companies presenting their business cases and ML solutions we welcomed Mercedes-Benz Cars AG, Rabobank, Lynn Legal, INFORM, A1 Digital, Siip Group, and Telefónica. On the second day, we celebrated the Hands-On Machine Learning with a special focus on Anomaly Detection conference. Attendees could put theoretical concepts into practice in a hands-on manner and also saw several real-world use cases focused on Anomaly Detection. Finally, the third day was devoted to helping attendees solve their questions through personalized sessions with the masters. Please find the details of this event in this blog post.

Additionally, BigML was also part of a good number of events organized by third parties, such as the Docker Day Valencia: Operationalizing ML Models in a Few Clicks, Asepelt International Congress, the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum, or the Digital Transformation and Process Optimization in Manufacturing webinar co-organized by A1 Digital and BigML. You can see them all here.

BigML for Education

Every day we receive more requests from different education institutions to join the BigML Education program and we could not be happier to see how something that started at the end of 2016 as an initiative to help educators and students is growing daily worldwide. Again, we thank all professionals in academia that have chosen BigML as the Machine Learning tool to teach ML to their students, as well as to those students and researchers that introduce BigML to their professors and colleagues. 

BigML’s Education program is one of the pillars of our company, as we take Machine Learning education and training very seriously because it leads to real-world Machine Learning adoption. We are thrilled to share that more than 10,000 education users have been using BigML for educational purposes. They come from more than 850 educational institutions, most of them universities, and more than 400 ML practitioners help actively spread the word as BigML ambassadors. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us build a bigger and stronger BigML community around the world!

To name a few of these institutions, we have prepared a ranking with the universities that have a higher number of education users, spread among the five continents:

Finally, the BigML Certifications program continues going strong with more than 150 certified professionals around the world. We currently offer three types of certification courses designed to fit the needs of different professionals: Analysts, Engineers, and Architects. This year we launched a new certification course, the BigML Certified Analyst course, ideal for different professionals with no Machine Learning background needed that wish to learn how to properly read their data in order to understand when and how to apply Machine Learning to help their organizations and businesses. With the BigML Certifications, we want to help you get the most benefit from your data and highly recommend you to follow these courses if you want to join the Machine Learning revolution!

BigML in The News and Blog Posts

Machine Learning has been a hot topic this year and plenty of tech magazines, newspapers, and blogs have been featuring BigML as a key Machine Learning platform to follow and pay attention to. Here are just a few examples:

Moreover, the BigML Blog never stops creating and publishing content our readers enjoy. In addition to the series of blog posts described above to introduce Object Detection and BigML Ops, our major releases for 2022, we have also authored and published a number of blog posts introducing new enhancements of the platform and other content promoting our events:

To read more blog posts please visit the BigML Blog

The BigML Team Looks Forward to 2023!

It’s definitely been a busy year for the BigML Team and we all look forward to serving you in 2023 because we firmly believe that the best is yet to come. Thanks to our customers’ projects, BigML has run 60M tasks, 90M+ ML models, and 170M+ predictions. We hope to see you all around in the coming year too and are excited to welcome any new BigML customers or referrals. As always, do not hesitate to contact us at if you need our guidance to reach your Machine Learning goals!

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