BigML + Tableau = Powerful Predictive Visualizations for Everyone

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BigML is very excited to be collaborating with Tableau Software as a newly minted Tableau Technology Partner.  This is a natural fit as both tableau_partner_logocompanies share similar philosophies on making analytics accessible (and enjoyable) to more people through incorporation of intuitive and easy-to-use tools. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of overlap between our users: our latest survey showed that over 50% of BigML’s users also use Tableau. And of course, we’re eager to introduce Tableau’s customers to the predictive power of BigML.

So what does this mean for BigML and Tableau users?  First and foremost, it means that BigML will be working on ways to enable easier usage across both tools. For starters, we have just launched a new feature that lets you export a BigML model directly to Tableau as a calculated field, as is demonstrated in the video below:

This approach unleashes the power of Tableau for prediction, letting users interact with a BigML model just like any other Tableau field.  In the video, for example, we color a bar chart by predicted profit, which yields valuable insights into Tableau’s “superstore” retail dataset.

Moving forward, we’ll be looking at other ways that we combine the powerful analytic and visual capabilities of Tableau and BigML to enable joint customers to do amazing things.

We’d love to hear from any BigML users who are also Tableau customers so we can get added direction on this collaboration and provide you with early access to future implementations. If you’re willing and interested, please email us at!


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