One Million Predictive Models Created and Counting!

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Just over a year ago BigML hit a milestone when the 10,000th predictive model was created using our platform. At the time, we were very happy to see that our idea of building a service that helped people easily build predictive applications had started to get some traction.  One year and several thousand users later we are super excited that BigML has now supported the creation of over 1,000,000 predictive models—400,000 of which were created in just the last two months!  We are extremely happy to see a growing community of fellow data practitioners and developers using BigML across a number of domains and use cases: predictive advertising, predictive lead scoring, preventive customer churn, security, fraud detection, etc.

And we’re just getting started!  We have a roadmap of exciting features that will be coming out just around the corner… Stay tuned!


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