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When BigML first launched the SunBurst visualization for decision trees, I was amazed at what a big improvement it was over the traditional decision tree viz. Instead of showing each node as the same size, the SunBurst shows each node as an arc with length proportional to its number of instances.  You can then color these arcs in different ways—my favorite is “confidence view”, which colors each arc according to the amount of separation between classes. So to find the strongest patterns in your model, just look for the longest arcs that are the brightest green (and to find weak spots, just look for arcs that are brown or red).

SunBurst viz of StumbleUpon model

Today we launched the Open SunBurst feature, which lets you drop a SunBurst model into any web page. This is particularly useful for blogs and news sites who want to present an interactive model to their readers as part of a broader story.  Simply copy this bit of HTML from your model’s “secret link” section:


The result is a miniaturized version of the SunBurst, suitable for embedding in a news article or blog post. You still get all the interactivity of the SunBurst, including the ability to zoom in on a node, mouse over nodes to find rules, and toggle between prediction view and confidence view. Check out the video below for more details!

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