Using Dataset Transformations and Machine Learning to Assess Loan Risk

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We had a great turnout for Tuesday’s webinar that detailed BigML’s Winter 2014 Release.  In the webinar, BigML’s CIO Poul Petersen used loan data from Prosper (a peer-to-peer lending site) to assess risk for prospective loan applicants.

Some of the key features that were highlighted in the webinar include:

  • Dataset filtering
  • Dataset sampling
  • How (and why) to use weights to balance models
  • How to adjust the node threshold (i.e., the depth) in BigML’s decision trees
  • How to add new fields to a dataset
  • K-threshold ensembles
  • Batch predictions

Check it out for yourself here and stay tuned for details on our next webinar, which will focus on Programmatic Machine Learning via BigML’s API!

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