Introducing: Predictive Christmas Trees

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You want to add a little bit of Holiday spirit to your predictive analysis? We have just the thing for you: Predictive Christmas Trees!

Model 50d185f23b5635369e00003b | BigML

It is a long standing tradition in large parts of the world to decorate a Christmas tree around this time of year. The BigML team thought it was fun to decorate the one kind of tree that we have: our beautiful decision tree. You can add a bit of Christmas flavor to your Model in three steps:

  1. In your predictive model, open the ‘More info’ panel.
  2. Add a tag ‘xmas’ or ‘christmas’ to the tags that describe your model and ‘✓’ it  to confirm.
  3. Refresh your page.

Model 50c99d5f035d075cb6000002 | BigMLYour Model is transformed into a blinking Predictive Christmas Tree.

Happy Holidays from the BigML Team.

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