Democratizing Object Detection: The Video is Here!

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BigML’s Object Detection is a continuation of and improvement on our previous Image Processing release. Now, Object Detection lets you go a step further with your image data and allows you to locate objects and annotate regions in your images. Once your image regions are defined, you can train and evaluate Object Detection models, make predictions with them, and automate end-to-end Machine Learning workflows on a single platform with no code!

Yesterday, we presented the details of this milestone release in a live webinar. You can watch it by clicking on the video recording below. The video recording is also available on BigML’s Youtube Channel

For more details, here are some useful resources to the material covered during the webinar:

Read the blog post series for a gentle introduction to Object Detection with the BigML platform.

The slides are ready on BigML’s SlideShare channel.

The video recording is also available on the BigML Youtube channel.

Do you have a Machine Learning use case in mind?
Schedule time for customized assistance with a BigML expert to discuss in detail and let us help you with your Machine Learning journey!

We hope to see you again at future webinar releases and other BigML events!

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