BigML Customer Rabobank featured on ‘AI in Banking’ Podcast

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There are many uses of Machine Learning in banking as the industry is among the leading ones when it comes to devoting resources to better take advantage of proprietary datasets in order to gain better customer insights.

Long-time BigML customer Rabobank is no exception. This week, Jan Veldsink of Rabobank was featured on the Emerj ‘AI in Banking’ podcast, talking about how his group is utilizing NLP and unsupervised learning techniques such as Topic Modeling as it strives to make sense of large collections of documents and their underlying textual content.

Emerj Rabobank Podcast

The Emerj podcast series is aimed at financial professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve as technologies like Machine Learning disrupt the sector. With an emphasis on real lessons learned from the innovators at global organizations around the world, Emerj Founder Daniel Faggella interviews them to bring their insights to his audience.

Check it out and see if you can spot a few new ideas you can readily explore on BigML!

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