Presenting the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Program for the Machine Learning School in Seville

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The primary goal of the second edition of our Machine Learning School in Seville (#MLSEV) is to introduce basic as well as more advanced Machine Learning concepts and techniques that will help you boost your business productivity significantly. Our extensive experience in welcoming business and technical professionals of different backgrounds into the world of Machine Learning has taught us that one size does not fit all.  Gradually, the topics covered and the structure within which those “nuggets” are exposed to the audience has taken shape to become the 2-day event format we offer today. This format excels in that it delivers a “Best of Both Worlds” viewpoint by mixing hands-on technical sessions with sessions about challenges faced and lessons learned when implementing real-life Machine Learning systems.

MLSEV 2020

Let’s take a quick look at the highlights of what #MLSEV attendees can expect on March 26 and 27, 2020 at EOI Andalucía.


After opening remarks, Day 1 begins with Ed Fernández (Arowana) followed by Professor Enrique Dans (IE University). Jointly, they will give the audience a good understanding of the unfolding business impact of Machine Learning being enabled with modern software platforms like BigML. Next up, BigML’s Chief Scientist and one of the fathers of the discipline of Machine Learning, Professor Tom Dietterich takes the stage to talk about state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques as well as where we’re likely headed in the coming years.

MLSEV Speakers

After some introductory hands-on technical sessions delivered by experienced BigML Machine Learning experts and lunch break, we will delve into insightful afternoon presentations given by Michael Skiba (aka Dr. Fraud), Jan W Veldsink (Rabobank), and  Roy Prayikulam / Kevin Nagel (INFORM). These sessions cover real-life Machine Learning implementations in areas such as financial fraud detection and anti-money laundering (AML). The first day ends with a mini “Get your hands dirty” Machine Learning exercise using the BigML Dashboard giving our attendees a chance to interact with some of the concepts covered during the first day.


We will kick off Day 2 with more technical sessions about some of the most versatile supervised, unsupervised and AutoML learning techniques on the BigML platform. The lecturers will not only convey the high-level concepts behind those approaches but also how they work in practice.

To complete the program, BigML partners represented by José Cárdenas (Indorama), Christina Rodríguez & Delio Tolivia (Talento Transformación Digital) and Andrés González ( take the baton as they explain how they helped implement different operational use cases delivering tangible benefits such as quality optimization and wait time minimization.

We will wrap up Day 2 with the demonstration of how to push to production your Machine Learning models that you will have built during the practice session at the end of Day 1. This will complete the picture by giving our attendees an in-depth understanding of the end-to-end Machine Learning process they can follow as they take their new knowledge and predictive use case ideas back to their workplaces.

To boot, all this content comes as a very affordable (sub-100 Euro/USD) package!

We strongly recommend that you buy your ticket today to not miss this opportunity to get up to speed with what Machine Learning can concretely deliver for your business. You will leave with a good understanding of the possibilities and a tangible list of ideas you can implement in short order, while meeting like-minded executives and professionals in a historic setting. Here’s to seeing you in Seville…

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