Enterprise Machine Learning More Accessible Than Ever with BigML Lite

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Yesterday, millions of shoppers flocked to online sales for Cyber Monday. While this single day of extra savings is exciting, we believe in providing excellent value to our customers year-round. Today, we are delighted to introduce BigML Lite, a new Private Deployment option that makes enterprise Machine Learning more accessible than ever.

BigML Lite for enterprise
At this point, it’s well established that businesses in all industries have the challenge and opportunity to utilize tremendous amounts of data. What isn’t as well accepted yet is that obtaining a company-wide Machine Learning platform is key to enable analysts, developers, and engineers to build robust predictive applications in a timely manner.

A terrific blog on “Why businesses fail at machine learning” by Cassie Kozyrkov uses cooking metaphor to explain how companies often make the mistake of trying to build an oven (a Machine Learning platform) instead of baking bread (deriving insights and making predictions from data). Continuing with this metaphor, the majority of data-driven companies are in the business of “making bread”, so there’s no reason to spend resources creating an oven from scratch. BigML, on the other hand, is the “oven maker” of this metaphor. The BigML Team has spent the last 7+ years meticulously building a comprehensive Machine Learning platform that provides instant access to the most effective ML algorithms and high-level workflows.

To help companies focus on what matters most, automating the decision-making process, BigML offers Private Deployments for customers to start building production-ready predictive apps from day one, without having to worry about low-level infrastructure management. Now, BigML provides two options to meet the needs of both small and large scale deployments: BigML Lite and BigML Enterprise.

  • BigML Lite offers a fast-track route for implementing your first use cases. Ideal to get immediate value for startups, small to mid-size enterprises or in a single department of a large enterprise ready to benefit from Machine Learning.
  • BigML Enterprise offers full-scale access for unlimited users and organizations. Ideal for larger enterprises ready for company-wide Machine Learning adoption.

All BigML Private Deployments (Lite or Enterprise) include the following:

  • Unlimited tasks.
  • Regular updates and upgrades of new features and algorithms.
  • Priority access to customized assistance.
  • Ability to run in your preferred cloud provider, ISP, or on-premises.
  • Fully managed or self-managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) deployments.

With BigML Lite, your company can obtain the full power of BigML’s platform on a single server at a significantly reduced price. After successfully bringing your initial predictive use cases to production, you can easily upgrade to bigger deployments, auto-scaling to accommodate more users and more data. Along with our Private Deployments, we are happy to guide companies with their projects,  giving personalized support to help your business successfully apply Machine Learning.

Please see our pricing page for more details and contact us at info@bigml.com for any inquiries.

Ready, set, deploy!

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