Where Robotics and Machine Learning Meet

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning are cutting-edge technologies that are showing an astonishing pace of growth in both capabilities and real-world applications. Having realized the powerful synergy between the data generated by Software Robots and the insights that Machine Learning algorithms can provide for any business, Jidoka and BigML, the leading RPA and Machine Learning companies respectively, join forces in a partnership to provide highly integrated solutions to collective partners and clients.

There are plenty of areas where businesses and developers can benefit from this strategic alliance between RPA and Machine Learning. For instance, a company’s customer care department and their email processing requirements. On one hand, BigML creates a Machine Learning model that predicts the receiver (department or employee) of a given email. On the other hand, Jidoka’s robots will automatically carry out all the rule-based tasks that humans historically completed such as checking if there are new e-mails to be processed, forwarding them to the correct recipients according to BigML’s predictions, and registering the task to address the request.

“Merging RPA and Machine Learning capabilities, we are able to provide enhanced automation solutions to companies that want to lead their digital transformation journey”, said Victor Ayllón, Jidoka’s CEO. “Alliances with companies such as BigML allow us to expand significantly the typology and complexity of automated processes, taking RPA one step further. Intelligent Automation is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”.

BigML’s CEO, Francisco Martín commented, “The imperative for more automation continues unabated in all type of business processes, and it’s only natural that RPA efforts seek to embed more and more Machine Learning models which optimize those processes, and perform tasks that until now only highly-training humans were capable of achieving. Such automation is liberating personnel so that they can focus on more strategic tasks. BigML’s partnership with Jidoka will result in much more adaptive systems that will help our customers introduce new avenues of productivity.”

With the shared goals of making businesses more agile, productive, and customer-oriented, Jidoka and BigML jointly offer enhanced capabilities for business process automation. Reducing costs and errors, improving response times, increasing human’s performance, enabling predictions, facilitating decision-making based on data, are just some of the benefits businesses will be rewarded with as they adopt Machine Learning driven Robotics.

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