Partner with a Machine Learning Platform: Bringing Together Top Tech Companies

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The concept of “better together” doesn’t just apply to people or beloved food pairings; it also works quite well for software technologies. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the  BigML Preferred Partner Program (PPP) which brings together our comprehensive Machine Learning platform with innovative companies around the world that offer complementary technology and services. Through effective collaboration, we can provide numerous industry-specific solutions to benefit the customers of both companies.

Our Preferred Partner Program is comprised of three different levels of commitment and incentives:

  • Referral Partners: focus on generating qualified leads by leveraging their business network.
  • Sales Partners: drive product demonstrations and advance qualified leads through the contract stage.
  • Sales & Delivery Partners: facilitate the sales process and see closed deals through the solution deployment stage.

BigML provides a matching amount of training according to the tasks covered at each partnership level, including personalized training sessions, sales and IT team training, and BigML Engineer Certifications. In addition to learning one-on-one from BigML’s Machine Learning experts, partner perks include:

Over the past 7 years, BigML has systematically built a consumable, programmable, and scalable Machine Learning platform that is being used by tens of thousands of users around the world to develop end-to-end Machine Learning applications. BigML provides the core components for any Machine Learning workflow, giving users immediate access to analyze their data, build models, and make predictions that are interpretable, programmable, traceable and secure.

With these powerful building blocks that are both robust and easy-to-use on BigML, it is more accessible than ever for data-driven companies to build full-fledged predictive applications across industries. We strongly believe that not only end customers can benefit from our platform, but also those tech companies that wish to help in the adoption of Machine Learning to make it accessible and effective for all businesses. Displayed below is a small sampling of services that can be provided atop of the BigML platform:

Partner Services atop of BigML Platform

Find more information here and reach out to us at In addition to three main levels, BigML is also looking for companies interested in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and technology partnerships, so if that is of interest to your company, please let us know. We look forward to partnering with other innovative companies!

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