2ML Madrid Machine Learning: Keep your Business Ahead of the Competition

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This week we saw the power of Machine Learning in action when BigML deepnets accurately predicted the winners of the major award categories of the Oscars 2018. The movie industry is simply one visible example where Machine Learning can be applied, but there are many more business-oriented real-world use cases that will be shown at the second edition of 2ML Madrid Machine Learning, to be held in Madrid, Spain, on May 8-9, 2018.

Barrabés.biz and BigML are bringing to Madrid the second edition of the annual series of 2ML events where hundreds of decision makers, technology professionals, and other industry practitioners will gather to learn and discuss the latest developments in the fast-changing world of Machine Learning. 2ML is a game-changer event that helps you keep your business competitive, raises awareness about the best ways to integrate Machine Learning capabilities into your business processes, analyzes the current analytics landscape in leading industries, and showcases the impact that Machine Learning is already having in finance, the legal sector, marketing, sales, human resources, sports, social enterprises, and more.

Encouraged by the success of 2ML17, we are ready to continue raising awareness of the key role that Machine Learning plays in the transformation of sectors representing a wide swath of global economic activity.

Want to know more about #2ML18? 

Discover the impact that Machine Learning is going to have on your business while receiving valuable insights from innovators and early adopters that can help keep your company ahead of the competition. Don’t miss 2ML 2018’s jam-packed agenda presenting some of the brightest minds in the Machine Learning field today. Join us at #2ML18 on May 8-9 in Madrid, Spain, and be sure to purchase your ticket before March 28 to get a 30% discount!

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