2018 Oscars Predictions Proved Right: 6 out of 6!

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Last night, Hollywood stars were looking stunning on the red carpet for the 2018 Oscars Ceremonies. BigML’s Machine Learning algorithm was also on point. Our predictions for the 2018 Oscar Winners were correct, 6 out of 6!

BigML's 2018 Oscars Predictions

The BigML deepnets model accurately predicted the winners of the major award categories: best picture, best director, best actress,  best actor, best supporting actress, and best supporting actor. The notable improvement from our 2017 Oscar Predictions is thanks to the powerful capabilities of our deepnets model, which is one of the top performing algorithms across different platforms.

2018 Oscars Predictions Results

Movies bring people together, from families getting cozy on their couches, to individuals sharing their stories with complete strangers across the globe. For this reason, the entertainment industry is an exciting area to apply Machine Learning, as seen in the outpouring reactions to BigML’s 2018 Oscars Predictions.

Thanks to everyone who has commented and joined the conversation! To mention a few, check out Enrique Dans’s blog recap, KDnuggets tweets, and the article by El País Retina (in Spanish). Head to BigML’s Twitter to see many more.

Can’t wait for next year’s Oscars! In the meantime, we look forward to many other cool applications of Machine Learning. Have ideas to share with BigML? We’d love to hear them at feedback@bigml.com.

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