The Importance of Protecting Your Inventions On Time

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BigML, in collaboration with Telefónica, the law firms of Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt and FisherBroyles, ValenciaLAB, and the Valencian Municipality (VIT Emprende, València Activa, and Ajuntament de València) are bringing to Spain a special event about the importance of patents in protecting your inventions expeditiously.

This event will be held in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, on October 25, 26 and 27 respectively. These three workshops will cover the importance of being IP-aware, as protecting the Intellectual Property (IP) of your business is key for its commercial success, whether your product is on the market or still under development. By patenting your ideas, brand, and offerings, your company becomes more competitive in the marketplace and more attractive for investors willing to support your company.

Why attend?

The event will clearly define what a patent is, while addressing topics such as the importance of patenting new ideas in your business, the risks you bear if your IP is not properly patented, the impact of patents on continuous innovation, the process to protect your inventions, and the grants or awards that you can receive when patenting your ideas. All these questions will be discussed from three different perspectives: beginning from a startup’s point of view, presented by Francisco J. Martín, BigML’s CEO; following up with a perspective of big corporations, explained by Luis Ignacio Vicente del Olmo, Head of Telefonica Patent Office at Telefonica; and concluding with the legal viewpoint of the importance of IP by Micah D. Stolowitz, IP Strategist at FisherBroyles, and Graciela Gómez Cowger, IP Strategist and CEO at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt. All the sessions will delve into the current IP climate for both European and US companies.

Who should attend?

Intellectual Property and Patent Attorneys, Intellectual Property Patent Engineers, C-level Executives, Corporate General Counsel, Corporate Attorneys, Financing Executives, Venture Firm Capitalists, and any other professional interested in this topic.

If you have your own business or you plan to have one in the near future, you should not miss this chance to learn from two of the most experienced lawyers in the Intellectual Property field. Moreover, hearing the insider stories from two completely different organizations will help you crystallize the impact that patents can have in your business as you set off on your own patent journey.

When and Where?

These workshops will be held in three cities in Spain during October 2017:

On October 25 the event will take place in Madrid at Telefónica Building:

  • Room: Agora in Wayra Madrid (8th Floor)
  • Address: Gran Via, 28, 28013, Madrid (Access from Valverde Street, 2)

On October 26 the workshop will be held in Barcelona at Diagonal 00 Telefónica Tower:

  • Room: Auditorium (2nd Floor)
  • Address: Ernest Lluch and Martin Square, 5, 08019, Barcelona

On October 27, the last workshop will be held in Valencia at ValenciaLAB.

  • Room: Conference Room (Ground Floor)
  • Address: Music Peydro Street, 36, 46001, Valencia


Dr. Francisco J. Martín, the Co-Founder and CEO of BigML, is an innovative leader experienced at inventing, designing, building, and operating Intelligent Systems, from concept development to market validation and business growth.

Before BigML, from 2004 to 2010, Francisco J. Martín was CEO and founder of Strands, a leading company that develops recommendation and personalization technologies. Strands pioneered research and applications of social recommendation technologies in several domains (music, videos, personal finance, sports, etc). Prior to that, from 1999 to 2003, Dr. Martin was founder and CEO of iSOCO, a company that specializes in business solutions built on top of Artificial Intelligence. iSOCO was the first spin-off of the IIIA Research Centre of Artificial Intelligence, belonging to the Spanish Council for Scientific Research; and pioneered research and applications of semantic web technologies.

Regarding his education, Dr. Martín did a fellowship research in the same center from January 1996 to 1999; got his Computer Science Degree in 1996 by the Polytechnic University of Valencia; holds a PHD in Artificial Intelligence by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya; and a Postdoc in Machine Learning by the Oregon State University.


Dr. Luis Ignacio Vicente del Olmo is currently managing the Return on Innovation Area of Telefonica SA, the telco operator based in Spain with operations in Europe and South America, with a focus on new areas such as 5G, Machine Learning, and Industry 4.0. This role includes the leadership of Telefonica Patent Office, the leading Intellectual Property Unit in Spain. Dr. del Olmo is a member of preeminent Spanish, European & International Boards related to R&D Management, a Professor at the Master of Digital Science promoted by the European Institute of Technology, and a member of the Board of Telefonica I+D Chile, the main R&D Center of Telefonica in South America.

Dr. del Olmo has over 25 years of working experience in R&D & innovation management, mainly at Telefonica. He is a Senior expert in R&D & Innovation Management and has international experience participating in R&D & Innovation as well as 20 years of experience working with European Commission, MIT, OECD, BEI, BID, among others.

Dr. del Olmo is an engineer and has a PhD in Physics (with a specialization in Electronics). He completed a Master in Analysis and Management of Science & Technology, graduating in Economy of Telecommunications, and has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management. He is also a specialist in Innovation Economy, and a graduate of European Communities by the Diplomatic School of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Antonio López-Carrasco Comajuncosas, Senior Technology Expert at Telefónica Patent Office, is a European Patent Attorney and Chartered Lawyer that has worked for Deutsche Telefonwerke (Berlin) and for the European Space Agency (Noordwijk, NL). In addition, he has been Examiner at the European Patent Office for about 12 years and the Head of the patent department at Oficina Ponti (Barcelona). At present, he is a senior expert and in-house counsel at Telefónica.

Over the years, Toni has acquired extensive experience in patents and related technical IP portfolio management as well as in strategic business support, i.e. prosecution, licensing, litigation, tech transfer and monetization. He teaches on innovation protection and technology transfer (IP strategy and management) within post-graduate business degrees at university and lectures frequently to international audiences. Finally, he is the coordinator of the CEIPI course on European Patent Law in Barcelona, and holds a M.Sc. in Physics and a M.Sc. in Space Engineering.


Mr. Micah Stolowitz, IP Strategist at FisherBroyles, has practiced law for 36 years, focused on intellectual property protection, enforcement and transactions. He represents a wide range of companies from Fortune 100 to new startups and many in between, and has been recognized by his peers as a Superlawyer®  in IP every year for over 10 years. He has testified as an expert witness in patent litigation, and also served as a Special Master, appointed to assist the district court in Lizardtech, Inc. v. Earth Resource Mapping, Inc. (CAFC 2005). Micah Stolowitz is a fellow of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters.

Mr. Stolowitz works with clients on IP strategy, patent and trademark prosecution, licensing and monetization. His work includes infringement and validity studies and opinions, and design around advice. He has negotiated patent sales valued in millions of dollars. A sampling of his extensive experience would include drafting and prosecuting patents directed to digital, analog and mixed signal circuits, software of all kinds, cryptographic and other systems for security and authentication, physical object “fingerprinting,” identification and authentication, internet high bandwidth and availability, wireless telecommunication, 3GPP standards, database systems, SaaS “cloud computing,” prediction systems, Machine Learning, character recognition, solid state and memory and disk drives, printing technologies, and medical devices.

Micah Stolowitz serves as adjunct professor of Patent Law at Lewis and Clark College, where he also completed his Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Stolowitz has worked as an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley, and holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, from the University of California, Berkeley. His industry experience helps him see IP challenges from a client’s perspective and align his legal services with client goals. He is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technological advances, and counts himself fortunate to work with many great teachers (the inventors in the firm he is serving).  


Ms. Graciela Gómez Cowger, CEO-Select and IP Strategist at Schwabe

Ms. Graciela Gómez Cowger, IP Strategist and CEO at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, helps individuals and companies protect innovations in the technology and health industries. She prepares, files, and prosecutes patents in the electronics, software and communications arts and also drafts patent infringement analysis and opinion letters. Working closely with inventors and companies, Ms. Gómez Cowger helps assess the value of patent portfolios, and crafts licensing and other strategies to maximize intellectual property investments.

Ms. Gómez Cowger has extensive experience helping individuals and companies develop branding strategies that protect market presence, including preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications in the United States and abroad. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked as a research and design engineer at HP Inc, a large electronics company developing cutting-edge printing systems. This experience has allowed her to work collaboratively with inventors to quickly identify the distinctions that make innovations patentable.

Apply to join the event:

IMPORTANT: Attendance is free but by invitation only. Space is limited, so please fill in this form to register for the event and make sure you select the preferred location, either Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia. Shortly after your registration, the BigML Team will send you your invitation.

In case you have questions, please check the dedicated event page for more details.

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