BigML and CICE Join Forces to Revolutionalize Machine Learning Education

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Democratizing Machine Learning has always been BigML’s founding mission, so we are continually searching for new opportunities. As such, when a company is interested in our technology and is willing to help us further our cause of “Machine Learning for everyone”, we feel the urge to collaborate. This is exactly what happened with our new education partner. Today we are happy to announce our educational collaboration with CICE, the Leading School in New Technologies Training in Madrid, Spain.

CICE, the only Official Training Center in Spain for more than 20 multinational companies, is already a community of 70,000+ students from 30 different countries. With 35 years of experience, the school provides High Quality and Official Training Programs and the homologations from the leading companies thanks to certified teaching professionals recruited from the most prestigious Spanish production companies. In fact, the CICE Team is currently going through BigML’s new certifications program and they will soon be among the first batch of BigML Certified Engineers.


CICE aims to create efficacy through constant educational innovation by being protagonists and agents of the deep digital transformation our society is going through. They have already set exemplary standards for the fast-growing market segment of New Technologies Education through a mix of:

  • The best instructors: certified professionals with wide experience and proven ability to teach.
  • The best facilities: a heterogeneous system of professional Apple and DELL workstations along with a set of cloud services that provide the best educational experience.
  • The best homologations: a set of alliances that make CICE to provide a unique learning environment that guarantees a learning process that will fulfill the student’s expectations, in a way only the leaders of the Educational Sector can do.
  • The greatest quantity and quality of production: facts to demonstrate objectively that an excellent education at CICE plus the effort and talent of the students they train, turns into a harvest of projects that make CICE the winner of the high profile national and international competitions.

CICE’s enthusiasm for the BigML platform and their eagerness to improve Machine Learning education were big reasons why we agreed to collaborate. CICE has already joined our education program, which has more than 100 ambassadors and 620+ universities affiliated around the world that actively promote BigML.  They have started spreading the word through their students, social media, and at the education events they run in Madrid.


We are excited about the official partnership and are looking forward to make a big difference together in graduating the future data-driven leaders of the 21st century ‘s global digital economy.

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