BigML Summer 2016 Release and Webinar: Logistic Regression and more!

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BigML’s Summer 2016 Release is here! Join us on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 10:00AM US Pacific Time (Portland, Oregon / GMT -08:00) / 7:00 PM CET (Valencia, Spain. GMT +02:00) for a FREE live webinar to learn about the newest version of BigML. We’ll be diving into Logistic Regression, one of the most popular supervised Machine Learning methods for solving classification problems.


Last Fall we launched Logistic Regressions in the BigML API to let you easily create and download models to your environment for fast, local predictions. With this Summer Release, we go a step further by bringing Logistic Regression to the BigML Dashboard. This new and intuitive Dashboard visualization includes a chart and a coefficients table. The former lets you analyze the impact of an input field in the objective field predictions, whereas the table shows all the coefficients learned for each of the logistic function variables, ideal for inspecting model results and debugging tasks.


You can plot the impact of the input fields in either one or two dimensions, simply select the desired option with the green slider. On the right-hand-side legend you will see the class probabilities change according to the input fields selected as the axis. You can also set the values for the rest of the input fields using the form below the legend.


The ultimate goal of creating a Logistic Regression is to make predictions with it. You can easily predict single instances using the BigML prediction form, just input the values for the fields used by the Logistic Regression and you will get an immediate response of the predicted class along with its probability. BigML also provides the probabilities for the rest of classes in the objective field in a visual histogram that changes in real-time as you configure the input field values.


In addition to commercial activities, BigML plays an active role in promoting Machine Learning for education. With special offers, our education program is rapidly expanding around the world thanks to the participation from top universities all around the World. We would like to spread the word to more students, professors and academic researchers with your help, so please feel free to refer your fellow educators.

Are you ready to discover all you can do with Logistic Regressions? Join us on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 10:00AM PDT (Portland, Oregon. GMT -07:00) / 7:00 PM CET (Valencia, Spain. GMT +02:00). Be sure to reserve your free spot today as space is limited! We will also be giving away BigML t-shirts to those who submit questions during the webinar. Don’t forget to request yours!

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