2nd Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning: Done and Dusted!

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This week over 140 attendees representing 53 companies and 21 academic organizations from 19 countries, gathered in Valencia to get their hands dirty with a curriculum jam packed with practical Machine Learning techniques and case studies that they can put to good use where they work or teach.


The regularly scheduled sessions were capped with an additional surprise talk from BigML’s Strategic Advisor Professor Geoff Webb about Multiple Test Correction for Streams and Cascades of Statistical Hypothesis Tests that he has been developing as part of his recent academic research.

The diverse backgrounds of the attendees and their active participation and willingness to absorb Machine Learning knowledge have jointly served to prove that the proverbial Machine Learning genie is out of the bag never again to be solely confined to small academic and scientific circles. The writing is already on the wall. In today’s knowledge economy driven increasingly by smart applications, Machine Learning is no longer an elective. Rather, it’s one of the main courses to be mastered by developers, engineers, information technology professionals, analysts, and even hands-on functional specialists from areas as varied as marketing, sales, supply chain, operations, finance or human resources. We thank all of our graduates for their enthusiasm as well as their valuable feedback teaching us a few new things in the process.


As the BigML family, we wish to stay connected for new editions of our training events to be held in larger and larger venues! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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