The Future Impact of Machine Learning

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We are happy to announce a special full day event bringing together some of the best minds in machine learning and business management to discuss The Future Impact of Machine Learning in depth.  The event will take place at Las Naves in Valencia on October 20, 2015. Registration is free and by invitation only. To apply and reserve your place for this unique event, be sure to fill out the event form ASAP as available spots will not last long.

Future Impact of Machine Learning


Where will the Machine Learning revolution lead The World? Will Machine Learning create more jobs than it destroys? These remain some of the most controversial topics for technology pundits and world leaders alike to discuss either on Bloomberg TV or at venues like World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos. They are fair questions in that we are observing a greater momentum in Artificial Intelligence based technologies and products launched into the new connected world economy – think Siri, Nest, Cortana, Google Now, the self-driving car and the military grade drones. In fact, Google’s complete reorganization into an Alphabet soup of project oriented entities may have been a bit confusing to some, but it was undertaken to prepare for this new AI future to a large extent. There is now serious plans even about creating ships that can cross the sea without humans on board. So long for the Captain Phillips sequel!

This is a very complex subject and we are collectively barely scratching the surface. As a result, we need many more informed debates about the economic impact of new technologies such as Machine Learning. We are hopeful that the Las Naves gathering will help move this crucial debate further with participation from:

Ramon López de Mántaras will be covering the historical perspective of AI. Dr. Dietterich will inform the audiences on recent advances and breakthroughs with real world stories as well as the long-term risks and opportunities he sees. Finally, Enrique Dans will be highlighting the expected business impact of AI to make it a multidimensional discussion on the topic. Once again, the registration for this event is free and by invitation only. To apply and reserve your spot, be sure to fill out this event form.  If you would like to promote the event among your circle, we also encourage you to download the poster in English, Spanish or Valencian.

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