BigML and The Polytechnic University of Valencia join forces to promote Machine Learning

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We are happy to announce that BigML and The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) have signed an agreement creating a new University-Business chair in order to support new Machine Learning research and to promote the use of Machine Learning technologies at UPV. The official signature ceremony of the agreement took place on the 20th of October at The Polytechnic University of Valencia Rector’s office with representatives from both parties:

As part of the agreement BigML will collaborate with UPV on organizing lectures, teaching activities, idea competitions, conferences, courses, seminars, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral grants, internships and more. These activities are expected to aid the students in maximizing the knowledge transfer from BigML while creating exciting career opportunities for the graduates where they can apply their newly acquired technical skills.

On the research front, the business chair plans to multiply Machine Learning research projects coming out of Valencia, Spain (and Europe at large through UPV connections). Promoting hi-tech entrepreneurship in advanced analytics and software disciplines in the region has been one of the primary motivations behind our recent decision to locate our European headquarters in Valencia so we are very glad that UPV has agreed to join forces in this worthy endeavor.

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