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We’re going to take a momentary departure from our typical blog and reflect on some progress that we’ve made to date and to tell you of some big things to expect down the road — and also share the opportunity to take part in our Early Adopter Program (details are at bottom of this post, so read on!).

For starters, we’re really excited that we’ve grown to have over 3,000 registered customers for BigML — the vast majority of which have joined since our public launch late last year. We’re super excited about this growth rate as it clearly demonstrates that there’s a palpable need out there for easy-to-use machine learning services. And not only are there a lot of you, but you’re doing a whole bunch of work with our system:  you’ve created thousands of datasets (10,000+) and models (13,000+).

We like to think that a lot of this growth is due to the fact that our team continues to innovate at a furious pace — just since our October 23 launch we’ve brought the following functionality out in BigML:

At BigML we take advantage of many fantastic Clojure open source libraries.  We wanted to do our part to support this community, so we released our Streaming Histograms for Clojure and Java, and also our Random Sampling Library for Clojure.


And we’re not done — for those of you using the API you know that we already support ensembles, including random decision forest — one of the machine learning techniques widely recognized as a top performer across a multitude of domains.  This will soon also be exposed through our web interface, meaning that with just a few clicks you’ll be able to upload a data source, create a dataset, and create an ensemble to make robust predictions that just a few years ago would literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of hardware, software licenses and manpower.  We think this is pretty cool, to say the least — and hope you feel the same way.

Some other features and activities you can look forward to will include:

  • Subscription-based pricing plans so you can use BigML as much as you want for a fixed price
  • Virtual Private Cloud for companies with data policy requirements and/or intensive use-case requirements
  • Ability to integrate BigML visualizations into your own website or application

What are we missing? If you’re a current BigML user you may be a candidate for our Early Adopter Program, which we are launching to work with a handful of customers to test-drive and provide feedback on our latest features before they are published for everyone.

Early adopter program

Interested? Please complete our Early Adopter Program application.  And as always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback on BigML.

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