ML School in The Netherlands 2022: Speakers and Agenda!

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We are excited to invite you to the second edition of our Machine Learning School in The Netherlands, on July 4-6, 2022, at Nyenrode Business Universitet!

Mercedes-Benz, Rabobank, Lynn Legal, Siip Group, among other companies, will present how Machine Learning has transformed their businesses by sharing real-world examples of ML applications. Additionally, you will be able to learn from one of the pioneers of the field of Machine LearningProfessor Thomas Dietterich.


Our program is designed to address the needs of different professional profiles chock-full of relevant business use cases in addition to core concepts and hands-on skill development. Meet below the distinguished speakers that will be presenting at the second editon of our #DutchMLSchool

DAY 1 (July 4): Machine Learning for Executives

Machine Learning Adoption for Businesses

Comprehensive Machine Learning Toolbox for Everyone
by Abdelghani Khaldi, Mercedes-Benz Cars AG.

Machine Learning in the Enterprise: Successful Use Cases

Machine Learning in Manufacturing
by Álvaro ClementeBigML.

Process Optimization in Manufacturing Plants
by Keyanoush RazavidinaniA1 Digital.

Machine Learning for Public Safety: Reducing Violence and Discrimination in Stadiums
by Ramon van IngenSiip, and Pablo GonzálezBigML.

How Machine Learning Transforms and Automates Legal Services
by Arnoud EngelfrietLynn Legal.

Improving Marksmanship with Machine Learning
by Francisco MartinAccuShoot and BigML.

Machine Learning in Health Insurance
by Rob Florijn.

Data-Driven Companies

21 Lessons for Large Organizations to Create Value from AI
by Richard BenjaminsTelefónica and OdiseIA.

DAY 2 (July 5): Hands-on Machine Learning With a Special Focus on Anomaly Detection

Introduction to Machine Learning

History and Present Developments in Machine Learning
by Tom DietterichOregon State University and BigML.

Introduction to End-to-End Machine Learning: Classification and Regression
by Mercè MartínBigML.

Anomaly Detection in The Real World

Unsupervised Learning: Anomaly Detection
by jao (Jose A. Ortega)BigML.

Multi Perspective Anomalies
by Jan W VeldsinkNyenrode.

Machine Learning for Fraud Detection
by Kevin NagelINFORM.


Automating your Anomaly Detectors
by jao (Jose A. Ortega) and Mercè MartínBigML.

Your First Anomaly Detector
by Mercè MartínBigML.

DAY 3 (July 6): 1-To-1 Sessions

We will devote the third day of the Machine Learning School to help you solve your problems and answer any questions. As such, we will organize personalized sessions with those attendees that wish to discuss their specific cases with the leading Machine Learning experts. Attendees will be able to bring their own data.

Get your ticket today!

This is an ideal event for business executives, innovators, leaders, industry practitioners, developers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates to learn the essentials of Machine Learning, its impact across various business sectors, as well as the techniques that help transform your data into actionable insights. Attendees will be able to meet an international audience and speakers at the #DutchMLSchool during the networking breaks and drinks we offer after the sessions.

We look forward to your participation in the second edition of our Machine Learning School in The Netherlands!

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