The First Machine Learning School for Business Schools is in the Books!

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We are happy to share that yesterday we hosted the First Machine Learning School for Business Schools. Over 1,600 business professionals, industry practitioners, advanced undergraduates, and Machine Learning professors registered to join virtually. The registrants for the event were spread out all around the globe among 97 countries like Spain, United States, India, Peru, and Nigeria, each representing their respective continents. Special thanks to all attendees, lecturers, and our sponsors (IIA) to make this event possible!

#BigMLSchool Registrations

The event was very well received as it covered a number of unique topics presented by the professors that are changing the business landscape by introducing Machine Learning to their students. Those topics included Machine Learning in the classroom, the different ways professors go about finding relevant data, and engaging use cases that Business School students can relate to instead of the deeper theoretical aspects of the discipline. The common thread between the presentations was the general consensus that the BigML platform brings Machine Learning to a much more digestible form for non-coding audiences while giving them enough runway to become power users and experts as they master the different features.

In addition to the 300+ education institutions that made up the audience, we observed a consistently high level of interest from over 800 businesses some of which you can see in the graphic below. Overall, the attendees split 67%/33% in favor of businesses which points to the perceived need to reskill their employees to accelerate the adoption of Machine Learning in their companies.

#BigMLSchool Lecturers
#BigMLSchool Lecturers

You can check now each presentation in BigML’s SlideShare channel, and in the coming days, we will be sharing the corresponding videos as well as the panel session on our YouTube channel and on this blog. So stay tuned!

Become a BigML Ambassador

If you’re itching for more after the event, we invite you to become a BigML Ambassador at your campus. The application is free and it helps make the learning experience more collaborative through user-organized events and workshops that we are always looking to support as part of our education program.

Alternatively, you can register for a BigML Certification and add this distinguished qualification to your professional profile signaling to employers or business partners looking to hire or cooperate with someone that brings hands-on experience on the topic.

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