Panda ID Soluciones and BigML Join Forces to Lead the Adoption of Machine Learning in Business

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We are thrilled to announce that Panda ID Soluciones, a leading company in the development of smart solutions, and BigML, the leading Machine Learning platform since 2011, are coming together to help organizations that are motivated to capitalize on the intrinsic value of their data to build and deploy intelligent Machine Learning applications to improve processes, maximize profits, and stand out in their sectors.

Panda ID Soluciones has been developing specialized solutions for each business for 25 years based on the treatment of data and identification of people, assets, and transactions. The company has always been characterized by the development of solutions that add value to businesses by stressing the importance and relevance of data and the information hidden in it as well as transactions and in the added value that they bring in being able to understand the activities that their clients are performing in real-time. Panda ID teaches in a practical way how to identify threats, generate patterns, measure trends, detect anomalies, and propose strategies in a timely manner.

Currently, there are still companies that don’t know what Machine Learning is, the positive impact it could have on their businesses, or how to optimize resources and processes to improve results by applying the appropriate Machine Learning techniques. Consequently, they do not foresee that the adoption of Machine Learning in their organizations can be a simple process. This lack of understanding can lead to these companies wasting resources, efforts, and valuable projects that often don’t go into production because they have been poorly managed.

Panda ID Soluciones has taken into account this widespread misinformation about Machine Learning, which has been a key factor in carrying out this alliance with BigML. Our objective with this alliance is to help organizations from all sectors understand that there are specific and successful Machine Learning applications for each business and for each project. With our new, practical, and result-oriented approach, those firms will find the hidden value that their data contains to rapidly realize quantifiable benefits.

BigML and Panda ID Soluciones will create change that leads organizations to prioritize and give priority to the treatment of their data. Both companies will expertly guide businesses in each sector and industry, thus making clients actively participate in the Machine Learning adoption process to arrive at results that generate value, meaning, and greater benefits.

Introducing the BigML Machine Learning platform to the Panda ID Soluciones portfolio, the multinational with headquarters in Colombia and Venezuela will achieve a transformation in the way of seeing and understanding the true meaning of Machine Learning. Business data grows every day and the pressure to obtain the best information from it has become paramount. This is why organizations must act now, competition is intensifying requiring more precise models to be built in order to create and identify new opportunities that are profitable. The era of Machine Learning is here and now.

Alberto González, CEO of Panda ID Soluciones, highlights: “BigML is the most suitable company with which we could partner to offer Machine Learning solutions to the market. Among its main premises is offering real solutions to real problems that can be quickly implemented and put into production. This means sincerity towards clients and that goes hand in hand with what we profess. But without a doubt who wins more, is the market, our clients, and that is a reason for great joy.”

Alberto Ariza, VP of Strategic Alliances at BigML, points out: “With Panda ID Soluciones we have found the ideal partner to lean on in Colombia and the entire geographical area of ​​the Caribbean, to achieve a solid entry that allows us to apply in its business sector one of the most innovative technologies worldwide in the field of Machine Learning, which is exactly what we bring to the table at BigML.”


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