A1 Digital and BigML join forces to Support COVID-19 Research

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We’re happy to report that BigML along with our partner A1 Digital, an expert in digitization and part of Telekom Austria Group, are jointly taking the initiative to extend Machine Learning capacity to research institutions free of charge. With this timely offer, A1 Digital is making the full potential of BigML’s state-of-the-art analytics capabilities available to combat the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Machine Learning-as-a-Service offering, hosted in A1 Digital’s secure, EU-GDPR-compliant Exoscale Cloud, is available to medical as well as commercial and non-profit research institutions dealing with the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. It is limited to a number of qualified institutions in Europe. Interested institutions and research groups can find more information and an application form here.

A1 Digital COVID-19

Francis Cepero, Director Vertical Market Solutions at A1 Digital, commented “The current exceptional situation confronts us all with completely new challenges of a medical, political, economic and social nature. To get the pandemic under control, research institutions are showing unprecedented efforts. In doing so, they are generating large amounts of data that they must analyze as quickly as possible in order to arrive at relevant results. This is where our Machine Learning Platform powered by BigML offers the necessary support. We have analyzed how we can best support the efforts to overcome the current crisis and are therefore making the Machine Learning-as-a-Service offering available to qualified groups and institutions free of charge.”

BigML’s CEO, Francisco Martin, shared “When A1 Digital approached us with a proposal to make our Machine Learning platform available to qualified organizations free of charge to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we were thrilled. Our platform is particularly suited for this context as the need for streamlining Machine Learning workflows from raw data to insights and production models is paramount given the time pressure public healthcare professionals are under. BigML requires no programming knowledge or prior Machine Learning experience to produce interpretable models. It also fosters collaboration to engage domain experts, who need to weigh in on those results before models are deployed in the field. Finally, because the platform runs in A1 Digital’s Exoscale Cloud, it can be used immediately and users do not need to worry about data security and compliance with data protection regulations.”

In summary, we’re looking forward to positive contributions from interested research institutions towards alleviating the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world population as we believe Machine Learning is the perfect 21st-century tool to accelerate serendipitous discoveries in these challenging times.

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