Fundación ONCE and BigML Join Forces to Create the World’s First Accessible Machine Learning Platform and Drive New Applications

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BigML, the leading Machine Learning platform and Fundación ONCE, a Spanish foundation that has a long history of improving the quality life of people with disabilities have agreed to jointly evolve the BigML platform to allow all people, with or without disabilities, to effectively use Machine Learning as they build predictive applications facilitating more accessibility for citizens.

The strategic alliance will promote the creation of new applications that increase the capacities of professionals with cognitive or physical challenges. This collaboration will enable the adoption of Machine Learning among all types of professionals. As such, BigML will have access to the extensive experience of Fundación ONCE to make its platform more accessible and inclusive. In return, BigML will help Fundación ONCE to train its employees and collaborators and will support them in the process of creating their own Machine Learning applications. The ultimate goal is to create the world’s first and foremost accessible Machine Learning platform that will result in new smart applications making a positive impact in a variety of industries and businesses.

Machine Learning is already penetrating many corporations and institutions that apply it daily towards business cases in which the large volume of data makes it impossible for humans to make decisions efficiently. Examples of the Machine Learning applications in the real world include a wide array of use cases like predicting customer demand for a service or product, being able to anticipate when a machine is going to need a repair, detecting fraudulent transactions, increasing energy savings, improving customer support, and predicting illnesses, among others.

This agreement aims to ensure that these types of projects can just as easily be developed by people with disabilities. Therefore, this initiative will play a key role in promoting Machine Learning while providing access to equal employment opportunities for disabled professionals. To facilitate the inclusion of professionals with disabilities, Fundación ONCE and BigML will co-organize conferences, congresses, seminars, and training activities that will help improve occupational know-how, entrepreneurship, and overall gainful employment.

BigML’s CEO Francisco Martín points out, “Our mission for more than 9 years has been to democratize Machine Learning and make it easy and accessible to everyone. This new alliance allows us to count on ONCE’s vast experience to make BigML much more inclusive by accelerating the development of new high-impact applications. The entire BigML team is very excited and motivated with the collaboration.”

Jose Luis Martínez Donoso, CEO of Fundación ONCE, states “this agreement places Fundación ONCE in a leading position within an important field that will allow us to advance the inclusion of people with disabilities. Innovation and new technologies must take into account people with disabilities so that they are not excluded, and further opportunities are generated for their full social inclusion.”

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