Thirdware and BigML Announce Major Partnership to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of Machine Learning

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Thirdware Inc is a leader in enterprise applications that has supported a range of Fortune 500 organizations as an implementation partner for infrastructure technologies such as enterprise resource planning, enterprise performance management, cloud services, and robotic process automation. Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with Thirdware Inc to accelerate enterprise adoption of Machine Learning.

The partnership is a continuation of Thirdware’s long-term growth strategy, which has been a key focus for Thirdware CEO, Bhavesh Shah. “Our mission at Thirdware has always been to build the most comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions to support the rapidly evolving ecosystem of emerging technologies relevant for the automotive industry. Given BigML’s pioneering work as a Machine Learning platform, we see the addition as a natural fit to bring substantial value to the automotive industry,” said Shah.

A New Group Within Thirdware

In tandem with this partnership, Thirdware has formalized a new group within the company called Thirdware Labs and has brought on former Ernst & Young, Fiat Chrysler Automotive, and Ford Motor Company Executive, Kristin Slanina, as its first Chief Transformation Officer.

“I’ve spent my career in the heart of the evolving automotive industry and have seen the challenges of adopting emerging technology become a huge barrier in the board-room, which continues to be a key topic in the C-suite today. We believe Machine Learning can catapult the mobility ecosystem, as well as other industry verticals, into a new universe of monetization. The BigML partnership represents a major step towards achieving that vision,” said Kristin Slanina, Thirdware’s Chief Transformation Officer.

How BigML & Thirdware Will Add Value Together

For BigML, this partnership serves as an equally important milestone. The company will soon announce its 100,000 registered user milestone on its software-as-a-service Machine Learning platform. “Since the inception of BigML, the team and I have always focused on building the most complete, methodologically robust, and easy-to-use Machine Learning platform in the marketplace. Now, with Thirdware’s leadership and expertise in the enterprise, we are confident that we can further reduce the barriers that most teams within large companies have when it comes to solving problems using Machine Learning,” said Dr. Francisco Martin, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of BigML.

As it continues its momentum in 2019, there are two other areas in which Thirdware will continue to build capabilities in unison with its new Machine Learning offering. This includes blockchain and connectivity. By the end of 2019, Thirdware Labs will extend its offerings in these emerging technologies to other industry verticals such as healthcare, finance, and energy. In many ways, the application of these emerging technologies across the industry verticals undergoing the most disruptive change represents the long-term vision of Thirdware.

Earlier this year, Thirdware tapped Mohammad Hamid, former Chief Executive Officer of Unison, to join its team as a principal within Thirdware Labs. “While there has been a proliferation of advanced technologies over the past 5-6 years, many large enterprises still struggle to evaluate, implement, and scale these technologies across multiple regions, hundreds of thousands of employees, and multiple business units. With the pedigree of Thirdware over the past few decades and partnerships with cutting-edge technology companies like BigML, we believe that Thirdware can bridge this gap,” said Hamid.

Commenting on the new Partnership, Dr. José Antonio Ortega, BigML’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer said that “Machine Learning is reaching a level of maturity making it feasible for any enterprise to adopt and automate sophisticated tasks formerly managed by trusted human experts manually. With BigML, this wave of innovation can be further standardized and streamlined, which results in many robust and easily reproducible custom workflows each augmenting a specific decision-making process. The combination of Thirdware’s pedigree in Enterprise IT services and BigML’s machine learning expertise will help countless enterprises make the transition to The Fourth Industrial Revolution by optimizing their businesses in a cost effective manner,” said Ortega.

Next Steps & Contact Information

The path ahead for Thirdware customers now includes the option to utilize the BigML platform. Furthermore, Thirdware will provide professional services related to BigML including: data preparation, advanced feature engineering, advanced modeling and prediction strategy, model operationalization, and measuring the business impact of automated process by machine-learned models. For more information on Thirdware’s Machine Learning capabilities or the broader portfolio of capabilities in emerging technologies, please contact or

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