Adding Two Marquee Lecturers to our #DutchMLSchool Lineup

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Our very first Machine Learning Summer School in The Netherlands (#DutchMLSchool) is taking place on July 8-11, 2019 in Breukelen, The Netherlands, in collaboration with Nyenrode Business University.

Today, we have two important announcements regarding the program that is shaping up to be our strongest one yet. Firstly, we are very happy to share that BigML’s Chief Scientist, one of the founders of the field of Machine Learning, Professor Tom Dietterich will be a presenting. Professor Dietterich’s historical perspective on the evolution and the current state of Machine Learning is unmatched so the audience will be treated to quite a journey regarding the most salient topics in both applied research and advances in various industry verticals.

Our second addition as a lecturer is none other than Enrique Dans, Professor of Information Systems at IE Business School, who has previously participated in our Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning 2017 to great fanfare. Dr. Dans will share his expertise on the overall business impact and the future strategic planning implications of innovative technologies such as Machine Learning across our global digitized economy with relevant use case examples.

Machine Learning Put to Use

One such great real-world example is from Rabobank‘s recent experience in deploying a custom Machine Learning solution for fraud detection built on top of the BigML platform. Below is a video about the implementation approach and early results, as well as how they adopted Rabobank across the organization to whet your appetite on what’s to come your way should you attend the #DutchMLSchool.

As always, the program will be blending a healthy mix of most versatile Machine Learning techniques as well as real-world predictive use cases so the participants will have a very grounded view of the possibilities that Machine Learning can unlock in their business contexts. Spread over the course of four days, attendees of different profiles will be able to find impactful content that best fits their roles:

  • Machine Learning for Executives – July 8 (day 1): A C-level course on Machine Learning, ideal for business leaders and senior executives in all industries. Attendees will be able to understand how Machine Learning can be adopted in any organization, focusing on the strategy to follow as well as the key points that managers should know when making decisions.
  • MAIN CONFERENCE: Introduction to Machine Learning – July 9 and 10 (days 2-3): A two-day crash course designed for business innovators, industry practitioners, as well as students, seeking a quick, practical, and hands-on introduction to Machine Learning to solve real-world problems.
  • Working with the Masters – July 11 (day 4): A full day of learning with the Machine Learning masters that helps put theoretical concepts into practice in a hands-on manner. This course is tailored for experienced business analysts, data scientists, and Machine Learning practitioners that wish to work on real-world data. Attendees will be able to bring their own data.

If you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to add to your hands-on analytical skills and be more knowledgeable about this foundational technology, be sure to register and take advantage of our early bird rates today!

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