Seville becomes the capital of innovation with the first Machine Learning School in Andalusia

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184 decision makers, analysts, domain experts, and entrepreneurs coming from all around the world gathered on March 7 and 8 at EOI Andalucía to join the first edition of our Machine Learning School held in Seville, Spain (#MLSEV). The event was co-organized by EOI and BigML, in collaboration with the Andalusian Government and Seville City Council; and sponsored by La Caseta, qosIT Consulting, and ITlligent

Attendees came from 13 countries (Andorra, Brazil, China, Denmark, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States) to enjoy the two-day event that offered several master classes along with workshops to put into practice the concepts learned in them. Also presented were eight real-world use cases showing how big and small organizations are already applying Machine Learning, such as Rabobank, TDK, T2Client, Talento Corporativo, SlicingDice, Jidoka, Good Rebels, and AlterWork in areas like banking, industry, marketing, the legal sector, among others.

165 attendees represented 92 private companies and big corporations, which highlights that companies are ready to adopt Machine Learning to work more efficiently. The remaining 19 attendees represented 10 universities and other educational institutions. As usual, international networking was an important advantage for attendees, who also had the chance to discuss their Machine Learning projects with the BigML Team at the Genius Bar.

During the opening and closing remarks, we were honored to have the collaboration of the Government of Andalusia. Manuel Ortigosa, Secretary-General of companies, innovation, and entrepreneurship; and Manuel Alejandro Hidalgo, Secretary-General of Economy, presented MLSEV as a great opportunity for the region to bring new ideas and innovative companies to Andalusia in order to help tech business grow in the south of Spain. The Government of Spain was also represented by Raúl Blanco, Secretary-General of Industry and small and middle size companies in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism. Additionally, Francisco Velasco, Director of EOI Business School Andalusia, also opened and closed the event emphasizing the importance of celebrating such a Machine Learning crash course at EOI Andalusia.

Juan Ignacio de Arcos, MLSEV Chairman, Business Analytics Executive Programme’s Director at EOI, and BigML Strategic Advisor, closed the event with a special mention to the companies attending the event, who realized applying Machine Learning is a strategic decision to be ahead of their competitors. 

For more information about the program, speakers, and other details, please visit the event page here. Or check the event photos here. Stay tuned for more Machine Learning event announcements, as there are more editions to come in Seville and other cities worldwide!

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