BigML Spring 2017 Release Webinar Video is Here!

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We are happy to share that Time Series, BigML’s latest resource is already fully implemented on the BigML platform and available from the BigML Dashboard, API, as well as from WhizzML for its automation. Special thanks to all webinar attendees who joined the BigML Team yesterday during the official launch. As usual, your feedback and questions are very much appreciated and help us keep improving BigML every day!

Time Series is a sequentially indexed representation of your historical data that helps you forecast future values of numerical properties. This method is commonly used for predicting stock prices, sales forecasting, website traffic, production and inventory analysis, and weather forecasting, among many other use cases.

Don’t fret if you missed the live webinar. It is now available on the BigML YouTube channel so you can watch it as many times as you wish.

Please visit our dedicated Spring 2017 Release page for further reading. The learning resources available include:

  • The slides used during the webinar.
  • The Time Series documentation to learn how to create and evaluate your Time Series, and interpret the results before making forecasts from the BigML Dashboard and the BigML API.
  • The series of six blog posts that explain Time Series starting with the basics and progressively diving deeper into the technical and practical aspects of this new resource, with an emphasis on Time Series models for forecasting.

Thanks for your positive comments after the webinar. And remember that you can always reach out to us at for any suggestions or questions you may have.

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