Machine Learning: Past, Present and Future by Tom Dietterich

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BigML Chief Scientist, Professor Tom Dietterich gave one of the keynotes at the recent 2ML event held in Madrid, Spain. The event was jointly organized by the consultancy Barrabés and BigML, and gathered an audience of 400 decision makers, technology professionals, and industry practitioners. Based on popular demand, we have posted on our YouTube channel the video recording of Dr. Dietterich’s presentation that covers the evolution of Machine Learning since its inception:

The corresponding slide deck can be accessed on the BigML SlideShare page. It goes over the present-day Machine Learning challenges such as Automated Decision Making, Perceptual Tasks, and Anomaly Detection.  It concludes with key future themes that will keep the discipline occupied for years to come: Detection and Correcting for Bias,  Risk-sensitive Optimization, Explanation of Black Box System, Verification and Validation, and  Integrating ML Components into larger software systems. Enjoy!

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