AI Startup Battle in São Paulo – Meet the Contenders!

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PreSeries, the joint venture between Telefónica Open Future_ and BigML, will be hosting a brand new AI Startup Battle at PAPIs Connect on June 21 in São Paulo. PAPIs Connect is Latin America’s 1st conference on real-world Machine Learning applications and will feature talks from BigML, Nubank, Uber, IBM and many more.

But what makes the AI Startup Battle so special? Well, it is the absence of human involvement in selecting the eventual winner. Indeed, a human jury is no longer needed thanks to PreSeries’ AI. Our voice-controlled AI communicates with the contenders live on-stage and generates scores to rank the startups and choose the winner. In our AI Startup Battles, our Artificial Intelligence is made available through a little device on stage. Our little “VC-in-a-box”, asks the contenders a set of questions and chooses its follow-up questions based on answers given to previous ones. It will naturally focus on questions that have the most predictive power in its own bias-free opinion. In the end, the startup with the highest score is announced as the winner.

Meet the contenders!

At this point, you may be wondering who will be competing in the battle, so let’s get to know the contenders.


Dataholics captures and structures millions of data points about people on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Twitter, Google search results, blogs, web portals and online services. Their algorithm creates a unified profile for each person based on behavioral, professional and demographic indicators from their email, cell phone, name or ID.

Voice Commerce

Voice Commerce is a voicebot that provides anyone with a simple, objective and secure online purchase experience through voice commands. It creates the perfect solution for people with visual impairment when buying goods and services online.

Data H

DATA H is a company focused on creating intelligent products and artificial intelligence outsourcing of research and development. DATA H has created its own ecosystem to enable artificial intelligence projects for a diverse set of sectors.

Mr. Descartes

Mr. Descartes provides a chatbot to help cities improve their waste management and sustainability. They work in collaboration with local governments, businesses, and people from the community in order to generate data, educate the public and build lasting partnerships.


Itera is a technology company founded in 2008 and established in São Carlos/SP, always aiming to build innovative solutions for its clients. They are now investing in a machine learning platform for text mining named ALICE. The platform is currently focusing on finance, and marketing case studies.

Stay tuned!

Be sure to stay tuned as the winner will be announced right after the event on social media (on Twitter with #AIStartupBattle) as well as on our blog. For more details, please follow us on: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. The countdown starts now!

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