BigML Fall 2016 Release Webinar Video is Here!

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Thank you to all webinar attendees for the active feedback and questions about BigML’s Fall 2016 Release that includes Topic Models, our latest resource that helps you find thematically related terms in your text data. Our implementation of the underlying Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) technique, one of the most popular probabilistic methods for topic modeling tasks, is now available from the BigML Dashboard and API. As is the case for any Machine Learning workflow, you can also automate your Topic Model workflows with WhizzML!

If you missed the webinar, it’s not a problem. Now you can watch the complete session on the BigML Youtube channel.

Please visit our dedicated Fall 2016 Release page for more resources, including:

  • The Topic Models documentation to learn how to create, interpret and make predictions from the BigML Dashboard and the BigML API.

  • The series of six blog posts that explain Topic Models step by step, starting with the basics and wrapping up with the mathematical insights of the LDA algorithm.

Many thanks for your time and attention. We are looking forward to bringing you our next release!

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