BigML Fall 2016 Release and Webinar: Topic Models and More!

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BigML’s Fall 2016 Release is here! Join us on Tuesday, November 29, at 10:00 AM PST (Portland, Oregon / GMT -08:00) / 07:00 PM CET (Valencia, Spain / GMT +01:00) for a FREE live webinar to get a first look at the latest version of BigML! We’ll be focusing on Topic Models, the latest resource that helps you find thematically related terms in your unstructured text data.


The BigML Team has been working hard to implement the underlying Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) technique into the BigML Dashboard and API. With Topic Models you can use your identified topics as final output for information retrieval tasks, collaborative filtering, or for assessing document similarity, among other use cases. You can also use those topics as input features to train other models, such as Classification or Regression models, Cluster Analysis, Anomaly Detection, or Association Discovery.


Topic Models come with two visualizations to better analyze the topics discovered in your text data: a Topic Map and a Term Chart. The Topic Map presents a map view for you to both see the topic importances at a glance and the relationship between them, whereas the Term Chart displays the topics and their terms in a bar chart view to give you a quick overview of the terms composing the topics as well as their importances. While BigML’s Topic Models only use the text fields in your dataset, they can analyze any type of text in seven different languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch.


BigML offers Topic Distributions to make predictions for a given single instance, and Batch Topic Distributions to predict several instances simultaneously. In the related prediction, BigML provides a set of probabilities for each instance (one probability per topic), which indicates the relevance of a certain topic for that instance.


BigML has been democratizing Machine Learning since 2011, and today marks an important milestone to more systematically do so: we are happy to announce the BigML Certifications for partners that want to master BigML to successfully deliver real-life Machine Learning projects on behalf of their customers. Regardless if you are a software developer, systems integrator, analyst, or scientist our certifications programs pay for themselves by taking your skill set and ability to deliver data-driven solutions to a whole new level. We invite all of you to register with one of our upcoming BigML Engineer and BigML Architect certification waves.

Would you like to know more about Topic Models? Join us on Tuesday, November 29, at 10:00 AM PST (Portland, Oregon / GMT -08:00) / 07:00 PM CET (Valencia, Spain. GMT +01:00). Be sure to reserve your free spot today as space is limited! Following our tradition, we will also be giving away BigML t-shirts to those who submit questions during the webinar. Don’t forget to request yours!

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