First Summer School in Machine Learning in São Paulo!

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A bit of context

Machine Learning is making its presence felt on the worldwide stage as a major driver of digital business success. A good proof of that was our recently completed second edition of the Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning celebrated last September 2016 in Spain. Over 140 attendees representing 53 companies and 21 academic organizations from 19 countries travelled to Valencia for a crash course in Machine Learning and it was a great success!


What are the next steps?

Encouraged by the level of interest and motivated by our mission to democratize Machine Learning, we continue spreading Machine Learning concepts with this series of courses. This time in São Paulo, Brazil, on December 8 and 9. BigML, in collaboration with VIVO and Telefónica Open Future_, will be holding the two-day hands-on summer school perfect for business leaders and advanced undergraduates, as well as graduate students and industry practitioners, who are interested in boosting their productivity by applying Machine Learning techniques.


All lectures will take place at the VIVO Auditorium from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM BRST during December 8 and 9. You will be guided through this Machine Learning journey starting with basic concepts and techniques, and proceeding to more advanced topics that you need to know to become the master of your data with BigML. Check out the program here!

Special closure

To complete this Summer School, at the closure of the event on Friday, December 9, we will showcase real-world companies based on the Machine Learning technology. We will also present the Artificial Intelligence Startup Battle, where the jury is a Machine Learning algorithm that predicts the probability of success of early stage startups, with no human intervention.

If you are a startup with applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a core component of your offering, submit your application to compete in the AI Startup Battle! Read this blog post for more details.

Join us at the Brazilian Summer School in São Paulo!

The Brazilian Summer School in Machine Learning is FREE, but by invitation only. The application deadline is Friday, December 2, by 9:00 PM BRST. Applications will be processed on an as received basis, and invitations will be granted right after individual confirmations to allow for travel plans. Make sure that you register soon since space is limited!



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