BigML Summer 2016 Release Webinar Video is Here!

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Many thanks for the enthusiastic feedback on BigML’s Summer 2016 Release webinar that formally introduced Logistic Regression to the BigML Dashboard. We had a number of inquiries from those that missed the broadcast, so we’re happy to share that you can now watch the entire webinar on the BigML Youtube channel:

As for more study resources, we recommend that you visit the Summer Release page, which contains all related resource links including:

  • The Logistic Regression documentation that goes into detail on both the BigML Dashboard and the BigML API implementations of this supervised learning technique.
  • The series of 6 blog posts covering everything between the basics to how you can fully automate your Logistic Regression workflows with WhizzML.

As a parting reminder, BigML offers a special education program for those students or lecturers that want to actively spread the word about Logistic Regression and other Machine Learning capabilities in their institutions. We are proud that we currently have more than 80 ambassadors and over 600 universities around the world enjoying our PRO subscription plans for FREE for a full year. Thanks for your hand in making the BigML community great!

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