Invitation to Must Attend July 2015 Machine Learning Events in Valencia and Barcelona

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So far we are very pleased with the welcoming messages and the genuine interest you have expressed towards BigML’s new European headquarters in Valencia. We would like to capitalize on this and return the favor by announcing that we will be sponsoring three Machine Learning events in the next two weeks.  As we revealed yesterday, Professor Geoff Webb of Monash University who has invented the groundbreaking Association Discovery technology ‘Magnum Opus‘ is joining BigML as Technical Advisor.  This means he will be traveling to Spain to give two lectures on Scaling Log-linear Analysis to Datasets with Thousands of Variables.  The first one will take place at Universitat Politècnica de València on July 8, 2015 at 4PM.  The second lecture on the same topic will be held at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute  (IIIA-CSIC) in Bellaterra, Barcelona on July 14, 2015 at 12PM.

Scaling Log Linear Analysis

If you are dealing with very wide datasets, which a lot of predictive analytics and data mining use cases tend to qualify for these days thanks to a growing set (and amount) of public and private data sources as well as advances on feature engineering, then this lecture will likely be tremendously impactful in helping you to reconsider your previous assumptions and to grow more comfortable in scaling your solutions without having to throw away useful insights simply because of computational constraints.  If interested, please simply stop by or drop us a note if you want to know more details. Please be sure to also follow us on our blog and on Twitter for further updates.

Lastly, we’d like to remind you of our upcoming inaugural Machine Learning Valencia Meetup at Las Naves on July 9, 2015, where we will showcase BigML and get to meet and exchange information with the engineering and the machine learning community in the city.  We are looking forward to shake hands and make new connections along the way.


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