PAPIs 2015 – Call for Proposals Begins!

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Following up on the success of its inaugural event last year, 2015 is fast approaching upon us. This year’s event will take place in down under in the beautiful “harbour city” of Sydney.  It is conveniently scheduled on the preceding Thursday and Friday (6-7 August, 2015) before KDD, the ACM conference on knowledge discovery and data mining which attracts 2000+ Big Data practitioners and researchers. As a founding member and initial sponsor of, BigML will be participating in this year’s event too. is a unique event in that it has been able to bring together data scientists, developers and practitioners from 20+ countries representing many different industries and educational institutions. Past participants included large tech companies such as Amazon, AXA, Banc Sabadell, BBVA, IBM, ING, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, SAP as well as leading startups in the field (e.g. BigML, Dataiku, Indico, RapidMiner) to discuss all things Predictive APIs and Predictive Apps. The very hands on and interactive approach of the agenda is centered on addressing the challenges of building real-world predictive applications based on a growing number of Predictive APIs that are making Machine Learning more and more accessible to developers.  As a bonus, this year’s event will also introduce a technical track.

Here is a reminder on some of the real life predictive applications that were showcased in great detail in last year’s event:

  • Real-time Online Ad Bidding Optimization
  • Overcoming Challenges in Sentiment Analysis
  • Winning Kaggle’s Yandex Personalized Web Search Challenge
  • Forecasting Bitcoin Exchange Rates
  • Paris Area Transportation Optimization via Predictive Analytics
  • Personalized Card-linked Offers for Consumers
  • Bikesharing Optimization and Balancing
  • Office 365 Infrastructure Health Engine

We urge you to consider presenting at this year’s event and to follow on Twitter for further updates on  the matter.


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