Machine Learning 4 All!

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In my very first job, my employer (an insurance company) had me and other new colleagues follow an intro program. That included a week of COBOL coding. We were given pencils and 80 column wide paper. We would hand write the code, hand it over to a desk where it would be ‘punched’ and printed for review. Within a year we were sharing 1 PC between 4 – 5 colleagues and within even a shorter time the computer really became “personal”. Within less than 2 years, you could only find handwritten specs in the archives. The revolution of computing power from datacenter floor to desk top took place unbelievably fast.

We’ve seen similar shifts in internet and mobile technology, photography and video, in the entertainment business. The increasing availability of computing power has transformed many industries. One of the next enablers is the ability of these machines to learn. Computers learning from data, recognizing patterns, adapting algorithms to current behaviors and predicting based on everything the system has learned. So far Machine Learning has been the domain of computer scientists. But we want to see a transformational shift in the availability and application of machine learning technology!

Imagine if every business, large and small, had equal access to advanced analytical and predictive technology. Imagine health care institutions using big data and machine learning technology to truly become ‘health’ care! Imagine retailers using this technology to offer you the best solutions for your situation: no one-size-fits-all anymore! Banks automatically proactively supporting your finances, personalized tv, Watson in your pocket, and so on…

It’s our dream at BigML to democratize machine learning technology – for any size of data, for any size of user and for any size of wallet. To make the best of machine learning available to anyone with data and a need for analysis, modeling, predictions, recommendations and diagnostics. We will make it fit the size of your data, big or small. We’ll make it affordable so you can extract value even from low-margin or small market products and services. We are committed to make it simple, so you can benefit without the university degree.

How simple can you want it? It’s as simple as offering your data and clicking the 1-click model button. We’ll turn your data source into a great decision tree. Now you are able to predict what’s coming next, based on your own data!

Or you add a little tweaking and tuning to your data to make it fit your specific analysis. There’s lots of playing around to optimize your analysis and results.

What was available only to computer scientists is soon at your own fingertips. And this is just the very beginning. We won’t stop until there is machine learning for all!

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