BigML is spinning out AccuShoot!

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The BigML Team is very excited to share that we are spinning out AccuShoot and you can get a little piece of it by investing in an offering under Regulation CF through the Netcapital portal. For the last two years and a half, driven by their passion for both machine learning and marksmanship, a team of BigMLers has been developing new technology that will revolutionize the way people train to use firearms. Assisting law-abiding citizens, law enforcement officers, and military personnel to become better marksmen is a large-scale problem that has hardly been addressed to date. To capitalize on this opportunity effectively, we have teamed up with seasoned firearms instructors around the globe and are actively applying our deep experience in machine learning to help digitize marksmanship. After seeing AccuShoot evolve from an idea on a napkin to a feature-rich product that astonishes those who take it for an early spin, we’re confident that it’s the right time to accelerate its market reach as fast as possible.

Why AccuShoot?

Built on the powerful Machine Learning building blocks of the BigML platform, AccuShoot is a specialized solution that is designed to revolutionize the marksmanship experience. Despite digitization taking over most aspects of our lives, most firearm owners only have a faint idea about whether their marksmanship skills are improving, have reached a plateau, or are slowly degrading. Most shooters try to collect targets in the hope that they can use a combination of notebooks and spreadsheets to track their performance with enough detail to allow for some objective analysis. AccuShoot eliminates this old-fashioned way of developing your marksmanship skill and replaces it with an innovative, data-driven, automated, and predictive approach.AccuShoot combines computer vision and Machine Learning to significantly reduce the resources and the time required to improve and sharpen the marksmanship skills of law-abiding citizens, law enforcement forces, and military service members by automatically tracking and providing feedback on actual shooting performance during live fire drills.

Key features

AccuShoot Predictions

Using D.O.P.E. (Data on Previous Engagements) AccuShoot builds an advanced statistical model that constantly predicts shooting performance under different stress situations. This personalized model works for different distances and types of guns while tracking performance over time so users can quantify the impact of their training. Since marksmanship is a perishable skill, performance will decay unless they train regularly.

AccuShoot Mobile App

With the AccuShoot mobile app, shooters can just point their iPhones to their targets and start recording and scoring their sessions in real time. Using compatible products like MagView, Novagrade, or Phone Skope they can connect their iPhone to their favorite spotter scope and use AccuShoot for instant group analysis even during long-range shooting sessions.

AccuShoot Group Analysis

AccuShoot automatically performs complex computations to quantify how tight shot groups are in any given session. This is known as Group Analysis and is a key aspect of many different drills in shooting sports.

The minds behind AccuShoot

AccuShoot is the result of mixing the deep technical experience of its founders and team members with a passion for firearms shared by its strategic advisors. After spending decades developing advanced machine learning-based solutions in a diversity of industries, Dr. Francisco Martin (aka Cisko) and Poul Petersen decided to apply all that knowledge and experience to help digitize marksmanship. In June 2020, they decided that the time was right to build a tool that helped bring more consistency to marksmanship training. After plinking together for many years, they started seeking professional training from the best and witnessed that their vision was supported by a number of professional trainers who have become AccuShoot strategic advisors.

What’s next for AccuShoot?

AccuShoot, Inc. is opening a new round of funding offering securities under Regulation CF, through the Netcapital Funding Portal Inc., a FINRA/SEC registered funding portal. If you are interested in this offering we suggest that you explore its details on the Netcapital website.

What’s next for BigML?

As we spin out AccuShoot, the BigML team will continue working hard to make machine learning beautifully simple for everyone while helping companies worldwide to build innovative solutions like AccuShoot on top of our constantly evolving platform. BigML is nearing the 200,000 users milestone and our education program with a reach of 900+ institutions is adding new ones every week.

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