Machine Learning in Governance, Business Risk Management and Compliance

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There is a large and growing array of Governance, Business Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) requirements that differ across industries, countries, and sectors. Despite notable differences, all organizations have the common challenge of protecting their businesses from malicious attacks. As such, BigML is organizing a FREE virtual conference about Machine Learning in GRC that will take place on July 21 at 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM EDT / 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM CEST

Presenters will analyze how Machine Learning is playing a crucial role in protecting organizations from harm and malicious attacks while redefining Governance, Business Risk Management, and Compliance across industries.

Meet below the speaker lineup that will present at the GRC event!


Machine Learning in the Governance, Business Risk Management, and Compliance Sector” by Atakan Cetinsoy, VP of Predictive Applications at BigML.

Cybersecurity versus Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance by Jon Shende, Founding Investor at MyVayda

The Identity Risk and Cost Insights Platform for C-level Executives by Jon Shende and Jaymin Shah, Founding Investor and CTO at MyVayda respectively.

Supporting Human Decision Making for Regulatory Adherence with Machine Learning” by Thomas Alderse Baas, Co-Founder and Director of The Bowmen Group, and Thomas Rengersen, Product Owner Global Operational Risk System at Rabobank.

Machine Learning in Legal Automation: How to Trust a Lawyerbot by Arnoud Engelfriet, Partner at ICTRecht B.V. and Co Founder at Lynn Legal / JuriBlox.

Panel and Q&A with the Speakers


Check the full agenda for more details and register for free to save your spot! The event is ideal for risk managers and advisers, governance professionals, compliance experts, C-Level executives across all industries. Those professionals interested in Governance, Business Risk Management, and Compliance are also welcome.



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