Intelligent Mobility: Speakers and Agenda!

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We are glad to invite you to our FREE virtual conference, Intelligent Mobility, that will take place on May 26 at 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM CEST / 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM EDT! Join the free event to learn about the current trends in the transportation industry. Presenters will share real-world examples of Machine Learning applications that are dramatically improving mobility systems and infrastructure while facilitating the rapid transportation of goods and commodities that make the global economic engine hum.

Meet below the distinguished speakers that will be presenting at the virtual conference!

Machine Learning in Transport Infrastructure

“Machine Learning in the Mobility Industry” by Atakan Cetinsoy, VP of Predictive Applications at BigML.

“Transforming Road Operations and Mobility with Computer Vision: SLPR Case” by Ángela Montánchez, Innovation and Transformation Manager at Openvia Mobility by Globalvia.

“Changing the Mobility Landscape: Route to the Electric Future” by Blanca Alonso, Data Scientist; Irene Robles, Data Analyst; Lucía Tomaino, GNSS Engineer; and Marta García, Solutions Analyst at the Electric Route project.

Machine Learning in Logistics

“Business Value of IoT and Machine Learning in Logistics” by Francis Cepero, Head of Vertical Market Solutions at A1 Digital.

“Embedded Machine Learning: Damage Detection in Rail” by Dieter Mayr, Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning Consultant at A1 Digital.

“The Added Value of Predictions for Transport Delivery” by Silvie Spreeuwenberg, Business Controller at Simacan.

“From the Last Mile to Long Distance Route Optimization” by Andreu Araque, Co-Founder and CEO at Hedyla.

Q&A with the Speakers
Links to join the virtual rooms will be provided shortly to those who register for the event.


Check the full agenda for more details and register for free to save your spot! The event is ideal for professionals working in the fields of transportation, logistics, infrastructure, highway concession operators, and related public institutions. Those interested in finding out about the latest in the Intelligent Mobility industry are also welcome.



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