Webinar Video: Machine Learning Fights Financial Crime

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We are excited to share the video of the joint webinar we hosted yesterday with BigML’s partner, INFORM GmbH, where they shared their expertise on fighting financial crime with Hybrid AI. The webinar covered how the utilization of Machine Learning as a new tool against fraud detection can augment existing rule-based systems financial institutions employ to stop fraudulent transactions. In fact, the results are more promising when combining a systematic Machine Learning approach with knowledge-based methods such as mixed logic rule sets, fuzzy logic scorecards, or dynamic profiling. 

This new way is now generally available, in essence, commercializing the Hybrid Artificial Intelligence concept in the form of RiskShieldML, a world-class risk assessment, fraud prevention, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance monitoring solution built on top of the BigML platform to more efficiently protect any organization against financial crime.

In this video, Kevin Nagel, Consultant and Data Scientist at INFORM, showcases the benefits of the Hybrid AI strategy in relation to alternative approaches and complements his presentation with a live demo. In case you could not make it to the live webinar yesterday, you can still catch up with the webinar recording we have just posted on the BigML Youtube channel. We also invite you to check out the accompanying presentation, available on the BigML SlideShare page.

Do not hesitate to contact riskshield@inform-software.com or info@bigml.com to leave your feedback and ask any follow-up questions specific to your company or data.

Stay tuned for future webinars with similar concrete examples of Machine Learning applications!

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