Changes to the 2020 Machine Learning School in Seville (VIRTUAL CONFERENCE)

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As most event organizers, we have been monitoring the information about the progress of COVID-19 in Spain and around the world on a daily basis. Given the proximity of our Machine Learning School and the questions that we have been receiving, we’d like to share with you important changes to the event.

We have been trying to collect data about how the virus is evolving, but because the number of tests is not published it’s difficult to build a reliable model that goes beyond a time series. In any case, even if the current impact in Seville is low as temperatures are already high, the number of infected people in Spain is likely to increase significantly until the measures recently put in place take full effect. Your well-being is our utmost concern. Therefore, beyond the evolution of this disease in our geographical area, we must also consider all the potential regulations or individual company guidelines that can be put in place right before, during or following our event. Our interpretation is that the most common recommendation is to generally avoid traveling.

Virtual Conference

As such, we have decided that ML School Seville 2020 will take place according to the planned schedule, however, only virtually. The lectures will be delivered via live webinars from different parts of the world for our registrants in many different locales around the world. The conference will include a number of expert moderators that will compile questions during the sessions and you will also have the opportunity to talk with our presenters LIVE. In addition, during coffee breaks, you can attend smaller sessions (maximum 15 people) with the speakers. As usual, MLSchool session materials will be made available on the SlideShare platform.

Moreover, we will be issuing refunds shortly to all our attendees so their participation will effectively be free of charge.

A special thank you to our speakers and those who have been steadfastly assisting our organization. We are doing our best to make this virtual conference experience a satisfying one given the circumstances.  As they say, when life gives you lemons, make a virtual lemonade! With that spirit in mind, we ask you to give us a hand to pass on the news and invite friends or colleagues that may be interested in getting better with Machine Learning in the comfort of their home or office.

You will receive a message shortly with the relevant instructions on how to connect to the event on the mornings of March 26 & 27.


~The BigML Team

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