Machine Learning Boosts Startups and Industry

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BigML, the leading Machine Learning platform, and GoHub from Global Omnium join forces with a strategic partnership to boost Machine Learning adoption throughout the startup and industry sectors. This partnership helps the tech and business sectors apply Machine Learning in their companies, provides them with Machine Learning education and helps them remain competitive in the marketplace.

BigML can now enjoy the GoHub offices, the new open innovation hub created by Global Omnium (the leading company in the water sector) and first startup accelerator specialized in Machine Learning with the collaboration of BigML. BigML, with headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon. USA, and Valencia, Spain, offers since 2011 the leading Machine Learning platform that helps almost 90.000 analysts, scientists and developers worldwide implement their own predictive applications with BigML technology.

Plenty of startups and many business sectors already apply Machine Learning techniques to automate processes in HR departments to hire the right employees; predict demand to avoid inventory problems; perform predictive maintenance to avoid production loss; timely fraud detection; predict energy savings, among many other Machine Learning applications in the real world.

BigML and GoHub will launch a full program of Machine Learning activities and events that will focus on providing the best quality content for institutions, big corporations, middle and small companies as well as startups. To achieve this goal, there will be events in Valencia, across Spain, and in several countries that will be announced shortly and will explain the impact that Machine Learning is having and can have on businesses for industry, finance, marketing, Human Resources, security, and more. All of them to be explained by companies that are already working with this technology. Additionally, there will be Machine Learning workshops to help ease the learning curve of those companies that wish to learn and implement Machine Learning.

Moreover, this partnership will encourage the creation of new synergies between products and services from both parties, GoHub and BigML. An example of this is the IoT Industrial platform Nexus Integra, which is already creating its own predictive application with BigML.

Francisco Martin, BigML’s CEO highlights: “I’m very happy that in Valencia there are companies like Global Omnium that champion and work hard for these disruptive technologies to succeed, allowing local talent to produce high-quality exportable technology bringing wealth to the city. With that, young talent won’t have the urge to emigrate to other countries in order to find a good job (as I did some time ago), which is a very positive development.”

Patricia Pastor, GoHub Director says: “Innovation ecosystems, especially when there is a collaboration between startups and big corporations, are a great engine of growth and competitiveness. These kinds of partnerships are key to accelerating the potential of such ecosystems. Having BigML as a partner will allow the Valencian ecosystem to reach a higher level when it comes to disruptive technologies.”

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