Strategic Partnership for Joint Machine Learning Solutions

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A1 Digital, a subsidiary of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, and BigML, the leading Machine Learning platform company based in USA and Spain, have agreed on a strategic partnership for joint Machine Learning solutions. Companies can now use leading Machine Learning solutions based on the European cloud platform Exoscale.

With the partnership with BigML, A1 Digital aims to accelerate its growth in the Machine Learning market in Europe and beyond through fast-paced Machine Learning innovation and synergies with its European cloud solution Exoscale that will allow A1 Digital’s customers to benefit from a purely European alternative when it comes to Machine Learning platforms.

Machine Learning driven applications allow companies of all sizes to extract value out of its data: e.g., to increase revenues, to reduce costs and risks, or improve customer satisfaction or security. BigML’s Machine Learning platform already helps hundreds of organizations worldwide to prepare their data for Machine Learning and to build, evaluate, and deploy predictive models, the essential part of every Machine Learning application, in a fully automated fashion.

“With A1 Digital, we have found the ideal partner to gain an even stronger foothold in Europe”, says Francisco Martin, CEO of BigML. “As businesses are shifting workloads to the cloud due to its attractive economics, it becomes absolutely critical to find trustworthy service providers to run tomorrow’s highly optimized Machine Learning applications driving incremental operational efficiencies and novel digital transformation use cases. BigML’s comprehensive platform on top of the Exoscale cloud can be customized to meet the most demanding functional and operational requirements of any European business.”

“With BigML, we are pleased to have found a partner with whom we can realize one of the key technologies for IoT applications, i.e., for fully networked and intelligent products”, says Elisabetta Castiglioni, CEO of A1 Digital. “BigML’s Machine Learning platform enables us to structure and optimize Machine Learning processes like any other business process. With Exoscale, we offer highly available and high-performance cloud servers and guarantee the highest data security at the same time.

The impact of this partnership is quite noticeable mostly in Europe, where thousands of companies have access to Exoscale, and therefore to the BigML platform. With BigML they can easily solve and automate a wide variety of use cases such as fraud detection, customer segmentation, churn analysis, predictive maintenance, propensity to buy, or healthcare diagnosis, among many others, by utilizing Classification, Regression, Time Series Forecasting, Cluster Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Association Discovery, Principal Component Analysis, and Topic Modeling tasks.

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