The Data Transformations Webinar Video is Here: Machine Learning-Ready Data!

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The latest BigML release brings new Data Transformation capabilities to our Machine Learning platform, crucially alleviating the data engineering bottleneck.

In addition to our previous offering in the data preparation area, we are now releasing a new batch of transformations that maximize the benefits of BigML platform’s supervised and unsupervised learning techniques by pre-processing input data more effectively. You can now aggregate instances to your datasets, join and merge datasets, and many other options as presented in the official launch webinar video. You can watch it anytime on the BigML YouTube channel.

To learn more about Data Transformations, please visit the release page, where you can find:

  • The slides used during the webinar.
  • The detailed documentation to learn how to use Data Transformations with the BigML Dashboard and the BigML API.
  • The series of blog posts that gradually explain Data Transformations. We start with an introductory post that explains the basic concepts, followed by a use case to understand how to put Data Transformations to use, and then three more posts on how to use Data Transformations through the BigML Dashboard, API, WhizzML, and Python Bindings.

Thanks for watching the webinar! For any queries or comments, please contact the BigML Team at

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