The BigML Dashboard Released in Chinese

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新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s only fitting that we release the BigML Dashboard in Chinese at this time of the year.

Since its very beginning, BigML has strived to make Machine Learning Beautifully Simple for Everyone (机器学习美观简单人人用). Today our journey reached another milestone by allowing over 1 billion people to use the BigML platform in their native language.

Top 20 Languages

You can change the website language on BigML by using the selector highlighted in the image below. While the web interface will appear different, all the BigML functionalities remain the same.

When you sign up, your BigML username will still have to be alphanumeric, but you can use Chinese in your “Full Name”. After logging on, all Dashboard features are identical to the English version. You can create and manage all resources and workflows the same way.

Dataset View

You can watch this video to check out the BigML Dashboard in Chinese:

Over time, we will make improvements such as providing more documentation and tutorials in Chinese, and integrating the BigML Blog and Events pages. Furthermore, our internationalization will continue with support for more languages. Let us know at what languages you would like to see on BigML next.

读万卷书,行万里路。For hundreds of years, this phrase has been the motto of Chinese intellectuals. It literally means reading tens of thousands of books, and walking tens of thousands of miles. We think it now applies to BigML: Learn millions of volumes of data and travel millions of miles, to reach every corner of the world.


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