Come One, Come All! BigML Customers Share Testimonials With Our ML Community

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As the adoption of Machine Learning as a Service continues to pick up, we want to take a moment to thank all our customers who have joined our mission to bring Machine Learning to everyone. We are excited to announce a BigML Customers page that shares testimonials from various users who have chosen BigML as their preferred tool for Machine Learning. From CEOs and Chief Scientists to analysts, software developers, and students, BigML enables anyone to become a master of their data, regardless if they have prior experience in Machine Learning. 

Today, BigML proudly serves over 57,000 customers from 161 countries around the world. Whether you have been with us for years, or you are new to BigML, we are glad to have you as a part of our global community of practitioners. 

BigML Customers

BigML not only helps large companies and organizations of all kinds, but we also actively support the teaching of Machine Learning with our Education Program. Over 600 universities worldwide use BigML and nearly 200 BigML Ambassadors actively promote the BigML platform on their campuses. The program continues to grow and help more students and educators every day. BigML’s Machine Learning Schools are another key component of our effort to bring Machine Learning to everyone. In addition to the events we host, BigML regularly participates in industry events worldwide, such as the upcoming Machine Learning Prague 2018 conference. See our dedicated events page for the full list.

Education Program and Events

With all that said, BigML’s growth wouldn’t be possible without YOU, so thanks for helping us democratize Machine Learning one step at a time! If you are interested in being featured on our Customers page and providing a testimonial, please contact us at If you are starting to learn Machine Learning with BigML or are working on a project, let us know how we can help at We always appreciate your feedback and like to hear how you are using the BigML platform.


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