Sending off the BigML #Summer2017 Interns

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During the summer of 2017, a group of interns joined the BigML Team. They came from different backgrounds, different countries, and we wanted to let them briefly share their experiences interning at BigML.

Barbara Martin Summer 2017 InternMy name is Barbara Martin, and I had the opportunity to complete a 5-month internship at BigML, as a part of my 2nd year Engineer School program at ISIMA in France. I spent the first four months of my internship in Valencia, Spain working on several Machine Learning projects. For the last month of my internship, I went to Corvallis, USA to do a thrilling project with other interns. This topic suits my major in Computer Science, and also brought me to the interesting area of Machine Learning. During my internship, I gained a lot of knowledge and had a great chance to sharpen my skills in a professional working environment. I learned new technologies and had opportunities to practice my communication skills by giving presentations and having discussions with my supervisors, experts in the field, and the other staff within and outside BigML.

Jeremiah Lin Summer 2017 InternMy name is Jeremiah Lin. I had the opportunity working for BigML this summer as a marketing intern. I am going into my third-year as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Product Design. During my internship, I worked on translating and reviewing BigML resources that will be released in other languages. I also worked on a research project about how Machine Learning can be implemented to improve the efficiency of personalized marketing. I had little knowledge about Machine Learning going in my internship, but I have learned a lot about it throughout my time at in BigML, and it was eye-opening to see its power to revolutionize the marketing world and many other industries. I loved working with the interns and other team members, and I am grateful for working in such supportive environment that we had at the office. This internship has been a great opportunity to learn about Machine Learning, but more importantly, to learn from the hard-working, team-oriented culture that is embedded in this company.
María Peña Summer 2017 InternMy name is María Peña and I am a last year student of Industrial Design at the UPV. During my internship at BigML, I have discovered and learned how Machine Learning can change our lives and help people to develop their companies. I have also had the opportunity to meet the BigML Team, which includes people from all over the world with the same dream working together. I do everything related to design and I usually spend my time in web design and graphic design, so thanks to BigML I have improved my skills in HTML and CSS. Therefore, working at BigML is the perfect experience to be part of the change and start your career in an amazing way.Mohan Kumar Janapareddi Summer 2017 InternMy name is Mohan Kumar Janapareddi, and I graduated from Ferris State University in the Information Security and Intelligence program. During my internship at BigML, I completed the BigML Certification Program, which helped me learn all the major concepts of Machine Learning in a short period of time. I also got to be a part of the intern’s group project. We worked on building a dynamic website where users can easily make predictions for selected features by simply uploading their data to this website. My portion of the project involved learning how to work with the Django web framework to build a website from scratch. Overall, working at BigML has been a great opportunity to strengthen my technical knowledge of Machine Learning and programming.Ryan Alder Summer 2017 InternMy name is Ryan Alder, and I worked at BigML as an intern for just over a month this summer. I am a second year student at Oregon State University studying Computer Science. I joined BigML because I plan to write my thesis for the OSU Honors College on Machine Learning. I did not know much about Machine Learning when I first joined, and this internship has taught me a great deal regarding what actually happens behind the scenes, and how companies such as BigML are able to take a dataset and convert it accurately into predictions. During my internship, I became a Certified Engineer through the BigML Certification Program, and I worked on an application with other interns. My responsibility for this project was working on the front end, mainly the website. I incorporated HTML, CSS, and javascript to make a working prototype of the website. I had a great deal of fun working with the people here at BigML, and they taught me a significant amount as well.


Interested in becoming a BigML intern next summer? Let us know at and we’d love to hear if you have project ideas. We are always looking for energetic, team-oriented, self-starters to join our team and help bring Machine Learning to everyone!

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